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Travelling to France
Outlines of a predicting model for flows of foreign tourists in cultural sites

B. Maresca - A. Dujin - C. Fanton-Dandon - R. Picard - T. Pilorin

N° S3850 - Décembre 2010

Thème(s) :
Conditions de vie / Société > Valeurs / Croyances / Modes de vie
Conditions de vie / Société > Temps libre / Loisirs / Culture
Aménagement / Environnement > Transport / Mobilité

Résumé :

In spite of the important economic and geopolitical aspects of tourism and in spite of several existing data, the attempts to create a modelling tool for tourist flows to a country or a region have not been very numerous.
Relying on a prospective study of the number of visitors to the Louvre in 2020, done by the Crédoc, by the request of the Louvre museum management, the research study shows that it is possible to establish a pattern for the flows of foreign tourists coming to France, and more specifically for tourists visiting urban cultural sites in Île de France (Paris and its region).
However, the rules for choosing a specific cultural site or a touristic resort rather than another one are mostly unknown. And yet, the cultural offer in different parts of the world is increasingly high, so the concept of «choice» is the core aspect of attractiveness. 

2 pages

Mots-clés : tourism - tourist flows - culture - cultural influence - assessment

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